25 Years Fall Of The Berlin Wall

25 Years Fall Of The Berlin Wall

Berlin 2014

On November 9th, 2014 Germany celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. One of its highlights is "Mut zur Freiheit" ("The Courage to be Free"), a ceremony taking place in front of Brandenburg Gate. We are proud to be part of this special occasion. phase7 is assigned for artistic direction, conception, program and show production. German and international stars like Peter Gabriel, Udo Lindenberg, Paul Kalkbrenner and Daniel Barenboim attract an audience of more than 300.000 spectators and 170 international TV stations. The live acts are accompanied by an interaction of light and video art. The "Lichtgrenze" with its 8000 balloons along the former path of the Berlin Wall starts rising into the night sky.

Set design and overall production: mediapool Veranstaltungsservice GmbH | Client: Presse- und Informationsamt der Bundesregierung (Federal Press office of Germany)

"25 years fall of the Berlin wall" / please follow the link for further information

Burning Snow

Burning Snow

Opening Ceremony - European Capital of Culture Umeå, 2014

With BURNING SNOW Sven Sören Beyer made the impossible possible: He turned the frozen river of the European capital of culture 2014 into a fascinating stage and brought the Swedish snow to burn. Together with 3 Sami star singers, 30 quadrocopters, snowmobiles and reindeers are the protagonist of this complex outdoor staging which revolves around the eight seasons of the traditional Sami culture.



Himmelsmechanik - eine entortung, Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2013

2013 the Deutsche Oper Berlin opened its season 2013/2014 with the walkable opera „Himmelsmechanik - eine entortung” (“Celestial Mechanics – displaced and relocated”) by phase7. Act I is based on Mauricio Kagel´s music theater „Himmelsmechanik“, Act II is the premiere of the phase7 new composition „That the world may be crazy“. Kagel’s dystopian prophecy gets visualized in Sven Sören Beyer’s multimedia realization.
The soloists of the Deutsche Oper Berlin go on a and are searching for the deciphering of a cryptic world mechanic journey together with the audience - and into the interior of the 3D audio of the wave field synthesis.



Bergen, Norwegen, 2013

The sky is not the limit. phase7 illuminates the contradictory and instinctive swarming behavior of the modern individual and moves up into the sky: Together with the high-tech thinkerers of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz phase7 sends 35 quadrocopters equipped with GPS modules and LED lights into the sky of the Bergen Festival. Together with the crossover composition of dubstep, orchestral and choral music, the glowing quadrocopters communicate with the singers, dancers, video and software artists on stage in front of the spectators and draw a visionary air architecture into the night sky.



Radialsystem V Berlin, 2012

phase7 stages the anti-opera NEITHER by Samuel Beckett and Morton Feldmann in a virtual and disembodied form. The solo singer is singing live, standing without a movement in a sculpture of light, surrounded by an unique 3D sound system with 80 speakers. Because of the 3D audio the virtual orchestra seems to float in the room. This production was awarded with the OPUS – der deutsche Bühnenpreis 2013.

Additional performances: Hellerau – European Centre for the Arts Dresden, 2012; New Vision Arts Festival Hong Kong, 2012; International Festival Bergen 2013.



Eine auditive Wahrnehmungsstörung, Radialsystem V Berlin, 2012

Christian Steinhäuser composes an auditory perception disorder based on field recording from the auditorium. Things heard are enhanced, cut, filtered, reassembled and partly made rhythmic. The electroacoustic composition is implemented with 3D audio and 80 speakers. A LED cube and significant light design based on 8 sharpies top the performance off.

Additional performances: New Vision Arts Festival Hong Kong, 2012; International Festival Bergen 2013

C - The Speed of Light


Bebelplatz Berlin, 2005

The contemporary cross–media opera directed by Sven Sören Beyer is staged in a 360° full-dome projection. The new composition by Christian Steinhäuser and Sasse Baumhof deals with Albert Einstein´s world of ideas based on a libretto by Christiane Neudecker. An extraordinary medial stage design is the center of a media dome: 3D–animation, video– and software-art are put into scene including original recordings by Albert Einstein. The Norwegian Soprano Eir Inderhaug, the Bariton Damon Nestor Ploumis and the well known Soprano Szwaigjer are the protagonists of this performance: The human being, the knowledge and the time.

City Particles


11th Grand Prix International Video Danse

The basic elements of the short film are statics and movement. The scenes are overlayed by images of the city. Berlin´s architecture functions as stage design. Contemporary dance in urban space.

Additional performances: Il Coreografo Elettronico; Dance on Camera, New York; Münchner Filmfest; American Dance Festival



Staatsoper Stuttgart, 2004

Pictures don´t lie. Nothing is like it seems and interpretations determine our reality. The complexity of interpretation is the theme of this cross-media performance. Projections und Illusions create a changing stage for the performers. Archaic and avant-garde sounds, contemporary metonymy and dance are brought into contact.

Additional performances: Internationales Poesiefestival Berlin, 2005; Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden, 2006.

Etera Tondo


Staatsoper Albania, 2006

The opera- installation Etera Tondo is the third and last part of a deliberation on journey and immigration by italian architect Valerio Ferrari, albanian composer Alexander Peçi and phase7. Their collaboration shows how the encounter of different cultures does not necessarily have to mean conflict, but can be an exchange and mutual enrichment.

The last part of this trilogy, Etera Tondo, is based on Dante's "Paradise" from "The Divine Comedy". It is an installation thorugh which the audience can freely move. It creates a sensual stage experience which includes the audience directly.



phæno Wolfsburg 2012

Since November 24th a huge eye is watching the happenings at the Conehall,Science Center phaeno Wolfsburg, one of the greatest buildings of modern times (Zaha Hadid).

The media production is getting in direct contact with the audience as soon as they approach: They are registered by cameras, the eye "is following" them (datas of their movements are analysed and transformed into particle – and streaming- images)."Eyecone" is the third cooperation of phase7 performing.arts and phaeno, Wolfsburg.

traces/words all over


New Vision Arts Festival, Hong Kong 2008

The international New Vision Arts Festival, Hong Kong 2008 invites phase7 with two media art projects to Hong Kong: The installation "words all over" is the official opening of the festival and is staged in the foyer of the Hong Kong Cultural Center. It picks up the architecture of the space and reinterprets it into steady changing streams of words thus creating a constantly changing media sculpture.

"traces" is an interactive composition with motion detection (software art: Frieder Weiss). When entering the space the audience leaves tracks of light and life which volatilize with steady upward movements. The architect Valerio Ferrari creates a space with translucent video–stripes in correspondence with the music of Sasse Baumhof.



Sandnes Norway, 2008

Ønskebrønn is an interactive LED–installation which depicts different images and combines them with 2–channel–audio on 4 speakers. People become the protagonists by moving and controlling the images through entering the space. phase7 integrates the wishing well into the urban architecture and creates a platform for meeting, interaction and discussion with the municipal design.

Addditional performances: main station Berlin, 2010.

Sound of Chemistry


Wissenschaftssommer, 2003

The multimedia show on a 1.000m² video screen is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for education, science and scientific research. The conceptual focus lies on "the year of chemistry". Dancers, live musicians, singers and actors explore the scientific world. Solo percussionist Markus Hauke develops an unique sound – composition using test tubes together with electronic artist Eric Ruby.

European Capital of Culture

Official Closing Ceremony of European Capitol of Culture

Stavanger Norway, 2008

phase7 staged the closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture in Stavanger for more than 25000 excited spectators. An oversized media dome is positioned on the water at the center of the harbor. Scenes of the past year appear as artistic imagines. More than 800 singers directed by Sven Sören Beyer and under the musical direction of Christian Steinhäuser inspire the audience.

Strange Particles²


phaeno Wolfsburg, 2006

phase7 shows an interactive software installation at the co–production with the phaeno. It is part of the opening of the "Wissenschaftstheater" (theater of science). The theme of the production is the questioning individual, searching for its identity in modern society. In the net of symbols and formulars it becomes a "strange particle" confronted with its own knowledge and science. The software art creates a virtual stage design, an "augmented reality" in which a dancer gets in realtime contact with the media.

100 Years Bilstein

Fascination Steel - 100 Years Bilstein

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series - Product and Brand Experience

BMWi. Born electric.


Airbus A380

Airbus A380

National Charter Monument

Opening ceremony National Charter Monument of Bahrain


Grenzwelten - The World Between

Emirates @ ILA

Emirates @ ILA

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony Bundeskanzleramt

Best of Porsche